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https://erddap.emodnet.eu/erddap/griddap/GLODAPv2_2016b_CMEMS https://erddap.emodnet.eu/erddap/griddap/GLODAPv2_2016b_CMEMS.graph https://erddap.emodnet.eu/erddap/wms/GLODAPv2_2016b_CMEMS/request https://erddap.emodnet.eu/erddap/files/GLODAPv2_2016b_CMEMS/ Global Ocean Data Analysis Project for Carbon (GLODAP) 1 X 1 global mapped field of temperature from the GLODAPv2 data product. Mapping is performed using the DIVA software (Troupin et al., 2012). Error fields are calculated using the clever poor mans error calculation method in DIVA (Beckers et al., 2014). The error fields represent the mapping error only, and does not include measurement or calculation uncertainties in the input data.\n\ncdm_data_type = Grid\nVARIABLES (all of which use the dimensions [time][depth][latitude][longitude]):\nNO3 (moles of nitrate per unit mass in seawater, micro-mol kg-1)\nNO3_error (nitrate error, micro-mol kg-1)\nNO3_relerr (relative error)\nNO3_Input_mean (bin averaged input data, micro-mol kg-1)\nNO3_Input_std (standard deviation of bin averaged input data, micro-mol kg-1)\nNO3_Input_N (number of data in bins)\noxygen (moles of dissolved molecular oxygen per unit mass in seawater, micro-mol kg-1)\noxygen_error (dissolved molecular oxygen error, micro-mol kg-1)\noxygen_relerr (relative error)\noxygen_Input_mean (bin averaged input data, micro-mol kg-1)\noxygen_Input_std (standard deviation of bin averaged input data, micro-mol kg-1)\noxygen_Input_N (number of data in bins)\npHts25p0 (seawater ph reported on total scale at standard temperature (25C) and pressure (0dbar))\npHts25p0_error (pH error)\npHts25p0_relerr (relative error)\npHts25p0_Input_mean (bin averaged input data, micro-mol kg-1)\npHts25p0_Input_std (standard deviation of bin averaged input data, micro-mol kg-1)\npHts25p0_Input_N (number of data in bins)\npHtsinsitutp (seawater ph reported on total scale at in situ temperature and pressure)\npHtsinsitutp_error (pH error)\npHtsinsitutp_relerr (relative error)\npHtsinsitutp_Input_mean (micro-mol kg-1)\npHtsinsitutp_Input_std (standard deviation of bin averaged input data, micro-mol kg-1)\npHtsinsitutp_Input_N (number of data in bins)\n... (36 more variables)\n https://erddap.emodnet.eu/erddap/metadata/fgdc/xml/GLODAPv2_2016b_CMEMS_fgdc.xml https://erddap.emodnet.eu/erddap/metadata/iso19115/xml/GLODAPv2_2016b_CMEMS_iso19115.xml https://erddap.emodnet.eu/erddap/info/GLODAPv2_2016b_CMEMS/index.htmlTable http://marine.copernicus.eu (external link) https://erddap.emodnet.eu/erddap/rss/GLODAPv2_2016b_CMEMS.rss https://erddap.emodnet.eu/erddap/subscriptions/add.html?datasetID=GLODAPv2_2016b_CMEMS&showErrors=false&email= Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research GLODAPv2_2016b_CMEMS

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